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Carbon Capture Expert (Energy)


Job Description


Implementation of a CO2 capture system in an Hydrogen production plant, based on Steam Methane Reforming (SMR)

Specific Objectives

Advisory services:

1. CO2 capture suppliers assessment for the Steam Methane Reforming (SMR)

2. Update of the techno-economic analysis of the CO2 capture plant

Advisory tasks to be performed under the Services

Task A. Technical support for the contractual preparation

A1. Identification of potential carbon capture suppliers relevant for the project.

A2. Screening and pre-selection of carbon capture suppliers, based on the results of A1.

A3. Evaluation and scoring of suppliers pre-selected in A2.

A4. Definition of quantitative and qualitative data for the carbon capture suppliers assessment, and definition storage and/or utilization routes.

(i)Quantitative estimation of the CO2 capture and avoidance rates, fuel consumption, and hydrogen production

(ii)Definition of the integration of the CO2 capture system(s) in the SMR (Steam Methane Reforming)

(iii)Definition of the CO2 storage or utilization options

(iv)(iv) Identification of technical barriers in the integration of the carbon capture plant with the original plant, carbon capture plant operation, and storage or utilization stages.

(v)(v) Preparation of the technical documentation for the Client, supported on previous tasks

A5. Preparation of techno-economic information to feed the economic and financial models

(i)Review of the technical parameters and the CAPEX and OPEX calculations from the Client

(vi)Update of the CAPEX and OPEX calculations, based on the suppliers identified in A1-A3 and information from the Client.

It is noted that:

- The Consultant shall define the scoring methodology used in A3

- The Consultant shall define the key technical parameters to analyse the carbon capture process and blue hydrogen production.

- The outputs from A4 shall include CAPEX and OPEX calculations, hydrogen production cost, and a cost breakdown where required

- The Consultant shall define the economic assumptions and limitations of the economic analysis in A4.

Available documentation: Project documentation shall be provided by the Client, including updated information on the energy costs, raw materials, and other relevant information for the CAPEX and OPEX calculations Project documentation shall be provided by the Client, including the technical project description with the latest information available.

Key deliverable

Inception Report: Description of methodologies, planning, and sources of information. (Expected timeline 0.5 months after the Effective Date)

Report 1- Task A: Identification and analysis of relevant carbon capture suppliers, and a techno-economic analysis, following the description of the tasks included in work-package. (Expected timeline  2.5 months after the Effective Date)

A. The deliverable will include, but not limited to:

1. List of relevant carbon capture suppliers for the Steam Methane Reforming plant

2. Evaluation and scoring of the suppliers identified

3. Definition of quantitative and qualitative data to assess the selected suppliers

4. Techno-economic information

Final report, covering report 1, and including Client comments: Review of Report 1, taking into account feedback from the client (Expected timeline 3 months after the Effective Date)

Job Requirement 

Person Specification

Experience and Qualifications

  • Experience in the energy or industrial sectors – Minimum requirement.

  • Experience working with projects or studies on CO2 capture – Minimum requirement

  • Experience in economic analysis, including CAPEX and OPEX calculations, would be an advantage

  • Experience in hydrogen production via Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) would be an advantage


  • At least a Master’s Degree (or equivalent professional qualification) preferably economics or engineering– Minimum requirement

  • Fluent in English (CEFR C1) – Minimum requirement

  • Knowledge of Italian (CEFR B1) would be an advantage


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Type of Project

Feasibility Studies


Competitive Rates which will vary depending on candidates' experience and certification



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