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Chemical/Process Engineer (Methanol)


Job Description

Development of an innovative green methanol production site. Green methanol will be produced using hydrogen (via water electrolysed using electricity from a renewable source) and CO2 captured from the existing cogeneration plant. Green liquid oxygen will also be produced as part of the electrolysis process

Specific Objectives

1. Gather detailed information on potential suppliers

2. Improve understanding of the impact of new catalysts in the methanol production process and detail the assessment of the economic impact in the project.

Task A. Market Analysis of the methanol synthesis process

A1. Identification and analysis of potential suppliers of enhanced catalysts and methanol synthesis reactors.

A2. Evaluation and scoring of the suppliers identified in A1.

A3. Based on the suppliers identified in A1-A2, a techno-economic sensitivity analysis will be performed to assess the impact of changes in catalyst and/or methanol synthesis reactors through:

(i) Review of the technical parameters, CAPEX and OPEX calculations of the original methanol production process

(ii) Assessment of potential technical improvements in the methanol production process based on the use of enhanced catalysts or methanol synthesis reactors identified in A2.

(iii) Assessment of the potential impact on CAPEX and OPEX based on the use of enhanced catalysts or methanol synthesis reactors identified in A2.

A4. Analysis of results from A1-A3 and guidance on potential improvements for the methanol production process of the Client.

Available documentation

Project documentation shall be provided by the Client with the latest available information on the project, including the PFD and P&ID, mass and energy balances.

Key deliverable

Inception Report: Description of methodology, information sources, and planning. (Expected timeline: 0.5 months after the Effective Date)

Report 1- Tasks A1 and A2: Identification, analysis, evaluation, and scoring of potential suppliers of enhanced catalysts and methanol synthesis reactors. The scoring methodology will be defined (Expected timeline: 1.5 months after the Effective Date)

Report 2- Tasks A3 and A4: The Consultant shall define the key technical parameters to analyse the enhancement of the methanol production process. These might include, but not limited to, operating conditions, considerations in regards to potential poisons for the methanol synthesis process, CO2 conversion, and durability. Review of techno-economic information and assessment of the potential technical improvement and impact on CAPEX and OPEX of the use of the identified enhanced catalysts and methanol synthesis reactors. Breakdown of CAPEX and OPEX calculations will be included where required. Analysis of results and guidance. Economic assumptions and limitations of the economic analysis will be included (Expected timeline: 3.5 months after the Effective Date)

Final report: Final Report, including modifications based on feedback provided by the Client (Expected timeline: 4 months after the Effective Date)

Job Requirement 

Person Specification - Experience and Qualifications

  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in the chemical or petrochemical industry or methanol industry, or the feasibility or design of catalytic processes- Minimum requirement

  • Preferably, 5 years of experience on cost analysis, including CAPEX and OPEX calculations for chemical complexes or methanol production

  • Preferably, 5 years of experience in the methanol market or sustainable refineries or sustainable petrochemical products or catalysts


  • At least a Master’s Degree (or equivalent professional qualification) preferably in science or engineering – Minimum requirement

  • Fluent in English (CEFR C1) – Minimum requirement

  • Preferred, good reading knowledge of Spanish (CEFR B1)


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Type of Project

Feasibility Studies


Competitive Rates which will vary depending on candidates' experience and certification



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