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Hydrogen Life Cycle Analysis


Job Description

Implementation and operation of a pusher vessel combining a battery and a fuel cell in freight transport. 

Specific Objectives

1. Life Cycle Analysis

2. GHG emissions avoidance calculation

Advisory tasks to be Performed under the Services 

Task A. GHG emissions avoidance calculation

i. Delivery of a process diagram, showing the boundaries of the system, inputs and outputs

a. Description of the process in the reference and project scenarios.

b. Definition of the process diagram

c. Description of the LCA goal and scope, system, boundaries, and processes to be analysed, considering but not limited to life of the product, upstream and downstream processes, and processes associated to the production.

ii. Definition of the overall inventory analysis

a. Description of the data collection strategy and information sources.

b. Definition of the functional unit.

c. Definition of the raw materials, fuel consumption, water consumption, and emissions, including references.

d. Identification of the ETS benchmarks, following the EU ETS Directive5

iii. Independent Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), in line with the ISO standards.

a. Definition of the software, methodology, assumptions, and limitations.

b. Definition of the inputs and outputs. Assumptions will be described, for example, considering current and upcoming relevant national and EU legislation and/or regulations (e.g. EU Taxonomy).

c. Definition of impact categories

d. Quantification of impact categories. This will include but not limited to a classification of the resource use and emissions generated according to their potential impacts and a quantification of those under the defined impact categories, which will be assessed in terms of their relative importance within the LCA goal defined previously.

iv. GHG emissions avoidance calculation, including the reference and project scenarios. Assumptions will be included

a. Delivery of defined reference and project scenarios based on the ETS benchmarks and the outputs of A(i)-A(iv).

b. Calculation of the absolute and relative GHG emissions avoidance.

c. Delivery of the process diagram

d. Analysis and interpretation of results, including a discussion of the results in terms of contributions, relevance, robustness, data quality and limitations. Assumptions will be described, and references will

be included where required.

e. Delivery of report and documentation

Available documentation

• Original GHG calculations, consumptions, mass and energy balances where required, and process diagrams.

• Project documentation, and an update with the latest project information, including hydrogen sourcing

Key deliverable

Inception Report: Description of the software, methodology, data collection, assumptions and limitations. (Expected timeline: 0.5 months after the Effective Date)

Report on Task A: Report progress for Task A. The consultant shall describe the processes, boundaries, LCA scope and goal. The report will include the Overall inventory analysis, LCA, and the GHG emissions calculations considering the reference and project scenarios (Expected timeline: 2.5 months after the Effective Date)

Final report: Final Report, including modifications based on feedback provided by the Client (Expected timeline: 3 months after the Effective Date)

Job Requirement 

Person Specification

Experience and Qualifications

· Relevant experience in Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) - Minimum requirement

· Relevant experience in the energy sector or the hydrogen sector or the maritime sector- Minimum requirement

· Experience in hydrogen-based systems for the maritime transport industry would be an advantage

· Experience in fuel cells-based systems would be an advantage

· Experience in the shipping industry would be an advantage


· At least a Master’s Degree (or equivalent professional qualification) preferably in science or engineering – Minimum requirement

· Fluent in English (CEFR C1) – Minimum requirement


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Type of Project

Feasibility Studies


Competitive Rates which will vary depending on candidates' experience and certification



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