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Be Prepared for your next Interview

Interviews give you a chance to impress the hiring manager with not only your skills and qualifications, but also for you to get to identify whether this is a place you really want to spent most part of you day for the next few years of your life

Follow these tips to stand out from other candidates in your next job interview.

Do your research on the company

Review the company website and Social media pages

Look for any recent awards, accomplishments, initiatives and current events,

Prepare an elevator pitch but most important make sure you come across genuinely

People by from people. Most of the times it would not about what you say it, but the impression you left on that person. What they will remember about you, after the interview.

Study the job description

It is important for you to know what the client is looking for. By reviewing the job description before your interview and aligning it with your own qualifications, you can better navigate the interview and discuss specific examples that will emphasize those skills.

Use the STAR method

Use the STAR Method when answering questions, especially questions such as: “Can you give me an example of when you….” Or “can you describe me a situation where you demonstrated….”

The acronym stands for:

  • Situation: Share the situation you were facing as well as any other relevant details.

  • Task: Describe your responsibility in the situation.

  • Action: Share how you overcame the challenge.

  • Result: Discuss the outcome you achieved by taking those actions.

Create a good impression.

First impressions are important, but first Impressions alone will not get you the job!

  • Make sure you engage with the interviewer by making eye contact (not excessively though),

  • Smile confidently

  • Project an attitude of enthusiasm and positive energy.

  • Dress accordingly to match your style to that of the company you are intending to work for.

  • Be mindful of your body language.

Prepare a couple of questions for the end of the interview

By asking questions, you demonstrate that you are interested in the position. Ask questions about the position, Career Development. Ask questions that will help you determine whether the company is a good fit for you. This is a good chance for you to identify whether this is a place you really want to spent most part of you day

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