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Manpower provider specialised in the •	Renewable Energy •	Wind Energy •	Solar Energy  •	Green Hydrogen  •	Aerospace  •	Defence and Security  •	Manufacturing and Automation

Manufacturing & Automation

We have offices strategically located across the UK and Europe

Our Consultants have over 15 years of experience in assisting our clients to find personnel that best fit with their unique business needs

We recruit across all levels from Engineer grade through to industry Executives (Permanent and Temporary Contract) within the Following Disciplines and Specialist Areas: 

  • Product Design & Engineering 

  • Project & Programme Management  

  • Test & Measurement 

  • Systems Engineering 

  • Performance Engineering

  • Predictive Engineering 

  • Systems Integration 

  • Machine Learning 

  • Natural Language Processing NLP  

  • Manufacturing, Production & Process

  • Electronics, Software & Control Systems 

  • Lean Continuous Improvement 

  • Integration Engineering / IoT

  • Health, Safety & Environmental 

  • Operation and Management 

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